Professional Negligence

Occasionally professionals can get things wrong or make mistakes that can often lead to dire consequences. At BPS Law we believe that you should not have to accept negligent services from professionals. Our team of solicitors are experts in negotiating, and mediating complex professional negligence claims across a wide variety of sectors.

Types of professional negligence

Common examples of professional negligence –

Professional negligence by profession

Professional negligence can occur across a wide range of professional services but in the main the most number of cases are based on the negligence of professionals within the legal, property, financial and medical professions.


If you have recently received financial advice which you believe has been offered negligently and any of the following situations resonate with your situation you may have a case to make a claim for professional negligence.

Have you been mis-sold a financial product by a financial advisor or insurance broker?

Common types of financial products that have been mis-sold in the past include –
Advice or services from financial or insurance brokers that could prove to be negligent includes -


Claims for negligence among the property sector are particularly common with architects and surveyors chiefly affected.

Aspects of negligence in this sector include –


Medical professional negligence can be a life altering situation so BPS ensure that claims are dealt with sensitively and efficiently.

Typically you will find professional negligence claims in the medical sector to cover mis-diagnosis of serious illness and negligent treatment or surgery.


With the best will in the world mistakes can be made by solicitors and barristers. At BPS we can help mediate and litigate when there are cases of legal professional negligence.

If you have encountered one of the following scenarios you may have grounds to make a claim –

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