Intellectual Property

At BPS Law we understand the importance of Intellectual Property to businesses. It is often the most important asset a company can have so it is critically important that your IP assets are protected and your IP rights defended by a respected law firm such as BPS Law.

Our intellectual property services

Areas of intellectual property law which we undertake include –

Intellectual property sectors

Businesses that need to capitalise on their intellectual property assets can often grouped into specific sectors. These include –
So if you fall within one of these groups you may need to evaluate your intellectual property strategy so your IP is protected against theft and infringements.

Typical questions about intellectual property law

Each case is judged on its own individual merit but there are a number of common questions about intellectual property law that inevitably arise during the course of doing business that we can help to advise upon. Common questions include –

How can I protect my intellectual property?

What can I do if my intellectual property is being infringed?

How do I register a patent?

How can I stop another company from passing off?

How BPS Law can help

Use some IP case studies based on niche and say how BPS could help a musician for example, or web designer, etc.

See some examples of how BPS Law could help your business to take control and protect your valuable intellectual property.

You may be a mobile application developer that has seen rival developers infringing on your trademarks, copyright or brand. BPS law can advise on the course of action to take in order to protect your IP.

If a former employee has been involved in the improper use of customer databases or confidential information call BPS Law.

If any of your company trademarks, or copyrighted material has been used without prior agreement, BPS Law will be able to advise you of your options, begin commercial negotiations between the parties and if appropriate start court proceedings.

For further information on intellectual property claims or to make an appointment to see us at our central Manchester offices on 0161 834 2623