Insurance Disputes

Whether you are having a dispute with your insurance company, or you simply wish to understand your legal position with greater clarity, our expert insurance team will guide you every step of the way.

Your insurance policy is a very specific contract between you and your insurance company.

Put simply, an insurer promises to insure against a risk or danger, in return for payment of a sum of money, called the ‘premium’ – but it doesn’t begin there.

Your contract is one of “upmost good faith.” This means that the information given to your insurer before the policy starts will determine whether it is valid, at law.

On many occasions following a loss or claim, your insurance company may seek to avoid the claim by arguing that a fact, or representation, was not disclosed to them before the policy started. In others, your insurer might argue that a particular term of the policy (which may be a condition or a warranty) was breached.

BPS will assist you to manage your dispute at an early stage, and to try and find a sensible, commercial solution, at minimal cost. We pride ourselves at being able to offer sound legal and strategic advice that is tailored to the individual issues in your case.

BPS have helped to achieve successful outcomes in the following types of insurance claim:-
There are some circumstances where court proceedings will become necessary; but this is really a last resort, and where all other options have been exhausted. We will carefully consider all elements of your claim, and provide a bespoke service to achieve your objectives.

We have also helped to pursue claims against insurance brokers, if it can be established that their act (or failure to act) has caused you to suffer a loss.  We will investigate the full history of your relationship with your broker, and take robust action where necessary.

BPS Law have over 40 years of experience in insurance law, and were involved in the landmark case of Hussain v Brown which developed the law relating to ‘continuing warranties’. We are specialists in insurance law and have a nationwide network of insurance assessors that recommend our services.

We have secured great outcomes for individuals, SME’s and larger companies. We are also one of the few firms willing to consider cases on a “no win no fee” type arrangement and will arrange funding based on case circumstances – contact us for further details.

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