Landlord and Tenant Disputes

BPS Law advises on tenant and landlord disputes in both the residential and commercial sectors. You may be a tenant yourself, a landlord, a property investment company, a property management company or a holder of a large estate – we can provide legal advice based on your unique circumstances.

Disputes with a landlord

You may be living in rented accommodation or for others it could be their place of business. Either way, there are negatives and positives associated with leased or rented property – one of the major negatives is if you have a dispute with the property owner.

If you as the tenant are faced with any of the following disputes with your landlord we can help.

Common disputes with landlords –

Disputes with a tenant

As a landlord you are faced with a number of rights and responsibilities to your tenants – many of which can be complicated. Whether you are a reluctant landlord after having inherited a property, or have been unable to sell the property or you are a professional landlord operating a portfolio of investment rental properties we can provide legal advice should the following difficulties be encountered.

Common disputes with tenants –

How can we help?

BPS Law can advise on property disputes be they landlord disputes or tenant disputes, commercial or residential and help to provide swift and defined resolutions to each unique dispute. Court action is usually a final resort as we will attempt to resolve disputes through mediation prior to instructing the courts as this will typically provide a faster and more cost effective solution.

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