Contract Disputes

At BPS Law we have a team who are experienced in advising companies and individuals on a variety of aspects relating to contract disputes.

We understand that a breach of contract can cause significant ramifications for a company so our aim is to resolve the dispute quickly and effectively in order to mitigate any potential consequences to the greatest degree possible.

In many cases it is often possible to settle a contract dispute through formal dispute resolution prior to court action, however, if this is not possible BPS Law will take prompt action through the courts where required.

Common types of contract disputes

If you have been in business for a period of time where commercial agreements (both written and verbal) have been executed it is likely that you will have encountered a contract dispute at some time. This is a common and often inevitable consequence of doing business.

Contract disputes that are commonly seen cover the following type of activities. These include –
BPS Law can advise you on these types of contract disputes amongst many others.

How can BPS Law help?

We will take the pressure off you when acting for you on your contract dispute so that you can focus on the everyday running of your business.

Often a contract dispute can be resolved through mediation without the need for court action – BPS Law will advise upon the most effective course of action to employ and follow this through to conclusion.

Contract disputes can be complex and can cover a wide range of incidents and industries. Examples of how BPS could help you include the following scenarios.

You may be a small business that entered into a contract for supplying goods and services but your supplier has refused to pay invoices.

A franchise agreement that you are party to may have been improperly terminated.

Monies may have been unlawfully withheld by a financial institution or supplier due to a contractual problem.

If you would like to speak with one of our specialise solicitors about any of the areas covered on this page or you have a contract dispute that you would like to discuss in detail please make an appointment to visit us at our central Manchester offices on 0161 834 2623