Building and Property Disputes

At BPS Law we can provide practical legal advice on building and property disputes to a variety of defendants and claimants ranging from main building contractors and developers, sub-contractors, building manufacturers and construction companies through to employers and residential and corporate property owners.

Our building and property dispute services

Obtaining specialist legal advice is important when you are faced with a property dispute because these types of disputes can become complex and costly if not dealt with expeditiously.

Areas that we can help you include –

Common property disputes

  • If the following circumstances apply to your situation, you should consider seeking legal advice.
  • Building work was carried out by a contractor but the works were not carried out as stipulated in the contract or the works were substandard.
  • I agreed a timescale for building works to be completed, but this period has now passed.
  • I am a building contractor and my client is refusing to pay invoices.
  • I employed a building contractor and poor quality materials were used as part of the work.
  • I co-own a property and wish to sell my share of the property.
  • My neighbour and I are currently in dispute over land boundaries.

How we can help

BPS Law will be able to advise you of your legal position with regards to the situations above as well as any other buildings or property related disputes that you may be involved in. By seeking legal advice at an early stage in the dispute you are mitigating the potential for the dispute to escalate which can complicate matters and potentially increase the costs to remedy the dispute.

We can assist with facilitating communication between the parties subject to the dispute and offer forms of dispute resolution such as mediation, and arbitration. If these methods are unsuccessful BPS Law will issue court proceedings to resolve the dispute swiftly on your behalf.

If you would like to seek advice for a property dispute please contact 0161 834 2623.