Varying Contractual Terms

Contractual variations are quite common, whether they are imposed by the employer, negotiated between employer and employee or as part of a promotion or change in pay or bonus structure. The contract of employment is an ever-changing and evolving framework which governs your working life and it is vital that when changes are to be made, legal advice is sought.

By instructing one of our employment solicitors, you can ensure that you are fully advised as to the legality of the changes to your contract and the effects of those changes on your core terms such as pay and benefits.

For employees: we can advise and represent you in negotiations with your employer. If you have been promoted and need an independent legal expert to review a new contract and new role, our lawyers are on hand to ensure that you are able to start your new role in the best possible way.

For employers: we can advise you as to the legality of the changes you are proposing to make to your company’s contractual documentation; thereby reducing the possibility of any constructive dismissal and/or discrimination claims.

Our specialist employment solicitors offer up to 10 minutes of free legal advice over the phone, so call us now on 0161 834 2623 or contact us through this website and we will call you back to discuss how we can help you with any problems you might have with your contract of employment.