Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure

Our employment lawyers regularly advise both employers and employees on disciplinary and grievance procedures.

For employees

If you have a grievance at work, our employment team can help. This could include drafting of the initial grievance, help with preparation for the hearing, analysis of the grievance response and dealing with any appeal or subsequent tribunal claim.

Being summoned for a disciplinary hearing can be distressing and distracting, with a risk that the hearing could end in dismissal, sanction, or formal warning. Our expert employment law solicitors are on-hand to offer advice and assistance throughout the disciplinary process including preparation for the hearing, analysis of your case and how to respond, as well as bringing related claims for unfair dismissal or discrimination where necessary.

For employers

Our employment law team have invaluable experience in helping employers deal with disciplinary and grievance problems. They help behind the scenes whether it’s drafting company policies and procedures on disciplinaries and grievances or helping employers get to grips with the disciplinary/grievance issues and guiding them through the process.

Whether you are an employee or an employer and require advice on any disciplinary and/or grievance matters, please call our employment law team on 0161 834 2623.