Pre-nuptial Agreements

So, you have planned the wedding your every child hood dream immersed itself within…the dress, the car, the flowers, the rings…but what about the peace of mind? At what point in your relationship do you plan to protect the security you earned before you met Mr or Mrs Right? Whilst we don’t mean to put a dampener on romance you may be pleased to know that you can now protect your future as man and wife before you even set foot down the aisle.

The bride and groom can agree to keep their own cash, property, pension, business should their marriage not end as happily and as they planned the day the groom got down on one knee. Perhaps once a taboo topic pre-nuptials are becoming increasingly acceptable and are entered into by couples worldwide.

It may be that such an agreement is more interesting to those who are taking the plunge into a second marriage. Those who would quite like to ensure their children inherit the capital and assets they have accrued before this relationship developed. It may also be music to the ears of parents whose children are due to wed and who are keen to ensure their child retains financial security.

At BPS we are experienced in prenuptial agreements and their enforcement. We are happy to discuss the change in law with you and the benefits BPS can offer you as our client. We offer free initial legal advice to everyone and also hold a clinic each Wednesday after 5pm for those who can’t make a solicitors appointment during working hours. Please do give us call to discuss prenuptial agreements or any other family legal matter.