Grandparents Rights

Losing contact with your grandchild can be heartbreaking. Divorce and separation can cause grandparents to lose what’s most precious to them.  The legal system today denies devoted grandparents the right to contact with their grandchildren and overlooks the pivotal role they play. Research suggests that 40% of grandparents lose contact with their grandchild following the breakup of a relationship. After much campaigning for change it seems revolution might just be obtainable as the family justice system sets the foundations for grandparents to have a right to contact with their grandchildren.

The right’s awarded to grandparents will give them sought after recognition for the vital role they play in their grandchild’s life. Grandparents will have the right to apply to the Court for contact with their grandchildren if one or both parents are trying to prevent contact taking place. Whilst it is possible in certain circumstances for an application to be made to court for contact as the law reads now, this potential development will make securing your right as a grandparent easier.

As always, it is essential you obtain legal advice from expertly qualified solicitors who have a wide knowledge of your rights both now and in light of a change in the law. You are in the best possible hands with BPS. Our solicitors have expert knowledge and vast experience in cases involving contact, residence and Guardian rights for grandparents.