Half-marathon runner compensated for race injury

A man who was injured by some wire protruding from a tree while he was competing in a half-marathon has successfully sued the race organisers for compensation.

The accident happened after the man turned a corner during the race and noticed another runner lying face down on the ground. Immediately afterwards, the man was struck on the forehead above his right eyebrow by a piece of wire sticking out from a tree. He started to bleed profusely.

He sustained a cut above his eye which required hospital treatment. The wound healed within a week but the swelling lasted for eight months and left a small area of visible scarring. He later learned that the runner he had seen on the ground had been injured in the same way.

The man took legal action against the race organisers, claiming they were negligent in failing to carry out a proper risk assessment of the route, failing to remove hazards and failing to take reasonable care over the safety of the competitors.

The race organisers denied liability but agreed to an out-of-court settlement of £5,500 to compensate the man for his pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

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