Do you know how to protect your finances should your marriage come to an end?

Caroline Payne writes for Living Edge.

It can be an emotional rollercoaster when a marriage breaks down. Who do you turn to? Who actually understands? And importantly, how do you protect what is yours and your future?

The divorce court has the power to make any orders about finances or property. The court will look at every bit of property or capital your own jointly with your spouse or in your own name. This will include your home, your savings, your investments, your employments, your business, your pensions and so on. The court will look at all this information and decide what orders it can make which will be fair to everyone. When making this decision the interests any children of the marriage will be the most important consideration.

So how do you protect what is yours and how do you ensure you will be financially secure in the future?     It is wise to seek professional advice at an early stage. Divorce law is complex and there are many factors to consider in each individual case. It is important that your financial position is carefully considered at that any orders you ask the court to make are sensible and provide you with adequate protection.

At BPS we have a wealth of knowledge in dealing with divorce cases and financial settlements. We have specialised in this area for over 60 years. We can protect your assets and ensure financial security for yourself and your children in future years. BPS will offer you piece of mind and a legal service surpassed by none. Contact us for a free consultation and we will provide you with unique quality advice specific to your circumstances.

Written by Caroline Payne. Contact Caroline.

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