Cyclist injured in accident awarded £850,000 compensation

A cyclist who suffered brain damage when he was knocked off his bike in a road accident has been awarded £850,000 compensation.

The cyclist was only 15 when the accident happened. He was struck by a car as he crossed a roundabout. He suffered numerous injuries and needed intensive care in hospital for two weeks. He suffered brain injuries that led to several mood problems including depression, irritability, anger and aggression.

When he returned home from hospital he missed nearly six months of school in the run-up to his GCSEs. He had been predicted to get grade Cs but only managed an E and two F grades. He went to 6th form college but struggled with the courses, dropping out after less than a year.

He was living with his mother at the time of the accident but his behaviour was such he fell out with her and had to live with his grandmother.

His uncle secured him a repetitive mundane job in a packing factory which he struggled with, having various disciplinary issues with his behaviour. He left after three years.

His family had no idea he had suffered a possible brain injury and that this was the reason for his behavioural issues. Medical experts were instructed to investigate and confirmed that he had suffered a brain injury.

The court held that he was partly to blame for the accident so his compensation was halved to £850,000. This was to cover his pain, suffering and loss of amenity, loss of future earnings and for his future care and rehabilitation.

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