Cyclist injured by negligent driver wins compensation

A cyclist who was injured when a car driver pulled out in front of her has been awarded nearly £5,000 compensation.

The accident happened as the woman was cycling along a main road in August 2014. She collided with a car that had emerged unexpectedly from a side road. She sustained injuries to her neck, shoulders, arms, lower back, buttocks, left thigh and right ankle. She later suffered from headaches, insomnia and shock.

The injuries took five months to fully heal.

The woman had been on holiday when the accident happened. When she returned to work she was unable to carry out her duties at full capacity. She struggled with housework, lifting and shopping. Her hobbies of cycling, running and swimming were restricted. She had nine sessions of physiotherapy to aid her recovery.

She took legal action, claiming that the driver had been negligent in pulling out in front of her when she had right of way. The driver admitted liability.

The woman was awarded £4,881 to compensate for her pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

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