Cancer victim’s family receive compensation from six employers

The family of a man who died from lung cancer after being exposed to asbestos has been awarded compensation from six different employers.

The man had been employed successively by each of the employers over the course of several years. He had also been exposed to asbestos by previous employers who the family could not identify or who were no longer in business.

Doctors agreed that, on the balance of probabilities, the man would not have developed lung cancer if he had not been exposed to asbestos.

Medical experts agreed that his exposure to asbestos over the course of his working life could be quantified and that the six known employers were responsible for 35.2% of the whole exposure.

It was also agreed that biological evidence could not establish which, if any, of the exposures had triggered the cell changes in his body which led to him contracting the disease.

The judge awarded damages against each employer in proportion to the increase in risk for which it was responsible. On that basis, the family were awarded damages of £61,600.

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