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At BPS we employ a highly skilled team of lawyers to represent our clients, experts in achieving the best possible results in each and every case. Often our cases make the headlines and our lawyers regularly make case law and change precedents.

Our lawyers are asked to write and comment for local and national media  sources. Our opinion matters and our expertise in the law widely recognised and respected.  See below what our experts say, monitor when we make the news and we welcome you to leave your own comments.

Compensation for woman burnt during hair removal treatment

A woman has received £3,500 compensation after suffering burns to her skin during laser hair removal treatment. The 54-year-old woman went for treatment on her arms in 2012. The process

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Woman subjected to sexual harassment awarded £3.2m

A woman who said she suffered a mental breakdown after being subjected to degrading sexual harassment at work has been awarded £3.2m compensation. Svetlana Lokhova earned £750,000 a year as

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Leading judge wants ‘no-fault divorce’ to replace blame approach

One of the UK’s leading judges has called for the introduction of no-fault divorces to remove the sense of blame and bitterness that accompany so many break-ups. Baroness Hale says

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People under age of 40 signing up for homes at 20% discount

Thousands of people under the age of 40 have been signing up to buy starter homes at a 20% discount. The homes are being made available as part of a

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Battling sisters lose control of elderly mother’s finances

Two sisters who detest each other and no longer speak have lost the right to look after their elderly mother’s finances. Their 97-year-old mother drew up a lasting power of

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