Jai Ramsahoye


Partner - Litigation and Employment

Office: Manchester City Centre

Tel No: 0161 834 2623

Email address: jai.ramsahoye@bpslaw.co.uk

Jai joined BPS in 2000 and has been a Partner with the firm since 2003.

Jai heads up a solid Commercial Litigation department who represent both Claimant and Defendant. With over 20 years’ experience Jai and his dedicated team have the knowledge and experience to handle cases involving breach of contract, fraud, injunctions including Mareva freezing orders, commercial agents advice and disputes, professional negligence, shareholder disputes, drafting commercial documents, shareholder agreements and terms and conditions of sale and purchase. Representing both Claimant and Defendant cases gives Jai invaluable insights into their opponent’s tactics.

Jai has practised in the Employment Law field for over 20 years.  During that time Jai has represented local, national and international companies and individual claimants.  Jai and his team cover all aspects of employment law including employment contracts, directors service contracts, negotiation of employee termination arrangements, advice on compromise agreements, employment related injunctions including Anton Pillar search and seize orders, restrictive covenant and confidentiality advice.

Jai has been appointed as Supervising Solicitor by High Court Judges to monitor the execution of search and seize orders by the Court. Within this role he reports to the Judge as to the manner and conduct of the search by the Claimant’s solicitors and the cooperation received from the Defendant and their solicitors.

Jai also deals with contentious intellectual property, trademark/copyright infringement, Anton Pillar search and seize orders in intellectual property, and with bankruptcy and winding up petitions for both debtor and creditor.

Jai has represented a number of high profile clients and notable or reported cases include: –

  • Acting for the Claimant in obtaining a Mareva freezing order over the assets of the Defendant up to US$1.2million in respect of loans and other advances to the Defendant procured by fraud.  Jai successfully obtained the necessary freezing order and negotiated a settlement requiring the Defendant to repay from the sale of properties which had been purchased using the Claimant’s funds.   Banet –v- Stradowski [2006]
  • Representing the Appellant (Mr Collier) in a case which reached the Court of Appeal. Jai successfully set aside a statutory demand served on Mr Collier by Wright Holdings.  This case changed English Law setting a precedent that reliance by a debtor on promises by a creditor to pay a lesser sum than due by instalments can found a promissory estoppel. Collier -v- Wright Holdings UK Ltd [2007] EWCA Civ 1329 
  • Acting for the Defendant in the High Court of Justice in London on the trial of preliminary issues relating to the Commercial Agents Regulations 1993, the Claimant claiming in excess of £5million.  The case involving the application of those regulations to agents purporting to reserve the right to act for other competing principals.  The case also involved analysis of the duties owed by commercial agents to their principals.  Permission to appeal has been granted and the case will be heard by the Court of Appeal in June 2012.  Rossetti Marketing Limited –v- Diamond Sofa Company [2011] EWRC 2482 (QB)
  • Acting for the Defendant in successfully applying to discharge a Mareva injunction freezing order freezing the Defendant’s assets within the jurisdiction, on the grounds inter alia of the Claimant’s conduct and the inadequate evidence provided by the Claimant in obtaining the freezing order at the outset.   Rossetti Marketing Limited -v- Diamond Sofa Company Limited [2012] EWRC 354 (QB)
  • Jai represented a Defendant textile manufacturer at an Employment Tribunal. Jai successfully defeated claims for unfair dismissal by 28 factory staff who had been dismissed following a refusal to accept a change in terms and conditions.
  • Jai represented a 63 year old male who was made redundant by his employer. Jai’s case was successful claiming unfair dismissal and age discrimination.  Jai then brought proceedings against the employer’s insurers and the Claimant received £50,000.
  • Jai has also successfully acted in a shareholder dispute case. The matter settled for a sum approaching £500,000 on the fourth day of trial.
  • Jai also has considerable experience of mediation and dispute resolution and recently achieved a £1.3million settlement at mediation for the Claimant in a property development-related claim.

What else he does

Jai is a keen skier as well as an avid supporter of Arsenal Football Club.  Jai definitely has his hands full at home being the proud father of triplet boys…..all of whom are raised as Arsenal fans! Jai plays an active role in his children’s sporting events and is the Secretary for the children’s football team.