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At BPS we employ a highly skilled team of lawyers to represent our clients, experts in achieving the best possible results in each and every case. Often our cases make the headlines and our lawyers regularly make case law and change precedents.

Our lawyers are asked to write and comment for local and national media  sources. Our opinion matters and our expertise in the law widely recognised and respected.  See below what our experts say, monitor when we make the news and we welcome you to leave your own comments.

An employer’s guide to the World Cup 2014

It’s that time again, love it or hate it, the world cup is here. Whilst many of us look forward to this major sporting event, it can prove to be

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Government to help military personnel on to property ladder

A new strand of the Government’s Help to Buy scheme has been launched, with the aim of helping members of the armed forces to buy their own home. They can

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Court corrects costly error in family trust document

An extended family have been able to rectify a trust document which would have prevented them benefiting in the way intended when the settlement was first drawn up. The case

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Man compensated for dismissal following homophobic abuse

A man has been awarded £45,000 compensation after claiming he had been unfairly dismissed for confronting a colleague who had repeatedly subjected him to homophobic abuse. Martin Sheil was an

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Failing to make a will could become a nightmare for your family

Nearly two out of three people in the UK haven’t made a will and so risk creating a financial nightmare for their families, according to new research. The survey suggests

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