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At BPS we employ a highly skilled team of lawyers to represent our clients, experts in achieving the best possible results in each and every case. Often our cases make the headlines and our lawyers regularly make case law and change precedents.

Our lawyers are asked to write and comment for local and national media  sources. Our opinion matters and our expertise in the law widely recognised and respected.  See below what our experts say, monitor when we make the news and we welcome you to leave your own comments.

Couple correct ‘£650,000 error’ in trust document

A married couple have been allowed to remove a clause from a trust document that could have cost their family £650,000 in tax liability. The issue arose after the husband

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Wife loses appeal against ‘equal split’ divorce settlement

A woman has lost her appeal against a judge’s decision that she and her husband should share their assets equally as part of their divorce settlement. The case involved a

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Number of first-time home buyers reaches 7-year high

The number of first-time home buyers in 2014 was at its highest level for seven years, according to the Halifax bank. This was in spite of the fact that house

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Man wins sex discrimination claim over flexible working

We tend to associate flexible working with women but it should also be available to men on an equal basis. Otherwise male workers may be entitled to bring a discrimination

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Coroner says busy north Norfolk road where Holt teenager Martha Seaward died last year is “too dangerous” for pedestrians

A coroner’s report will be sent to council officials raising concerns about one of Norfolk’s busiest roads which is “too dangerous” for pedestrians. It comes after 15-year-old Holt girl Martha

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