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At BPS we employ a highly skilled team of lawyers to represent our clients, experts in achieving the best possible results in each and every case. Often our cases make the headlines and our lawyers regularly make case law and change precedents.

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Battle over estate of pop star Prince because he hadn’t made a will

The family of the pop star Prince fear there could be a costly dispute over his multi-million pound fortune because he died without having made a will. Prince’s sister, Tyka

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Court upholds woman’s will against challenge by grandchildren

An elderly woman knew what she doing when she drew up a new will, even though she was suffering from some mental impairment at the time. That was the decision

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Stamp duty changes have ‘saved homebuyers more than £650m’

The changes to stamp duty have saved homebuyers £657m in just over a year, according to the latest government figures. More than 780,000 people have benefited across England and Wales.

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Court awards woman a share of former partner’s home

A woman has won the right to claim part ownership of the home she shared with her former partner and helped to pay for over several years. The case involved

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Woman wins sex discrimination claim against Leeds United

A woman has won her claims of unfair dismissal and sex discrimination against Leeds United Football Club. Lucy Ward was employed as the club’s welfare and education officer for 17

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